About Feenbox

What does Feenbox do?

It is a service that does only one thing: send RSS feeds over email.

You control every aspect of it through text-based emails. Think mailman for RSS.

Feenbox is designed to get out of your way. There is no branding on the emails. No onboarding or customer journey. We would be happy if after a few weeks you forget that you are using feenbox and feel like reading blogs through email is the normal way.

Who is Feenbox for?

Definitely for people who love email. If you want a web-based or app-based RSS reader, there are many alternatives out there.

If you are comfortable reading this plain text page that weighs five kilobytes and loads instantly, instead of a 20-MB ad-ridden javascript behemoth which makes a four-core modern CPU crawl, then Feenbox is for you.

What are feeds? What is RSS?

They're the same thing. The technical term RSS feeds refers to a subscription mechanism to receive new content from websites. They are especially useful for pages which change regularly, like news sites or blogs.

It is an extremely simple and useful technology which never became mainstream because it is not very easy to use for many people, and also because some companies are not especially interested in sharing their content via an open standard.

If you are a complete newbie to RSS feeds, well, congratulations! Today you have discovered an awesome way to receive website news on your email. You will no longer need to visit them constantly. Sign up to Feenbox and subscribe to your favorite websites.

How is Feenbox different from "signing up for email updates" or newsletters?

Signing up to a newsletter means that the website owner will send you emails when there are news.

Feenbox subscribes to their automated news sources (RSS feeds) and acts as a middle-man between the site and you. This is convenient for many reasons:

In other words, RSS feeds and newsletters are complementary services.

How do I sign up?

Feenbox is undergoing alpha testing, this means it's not open yet. It will be in a few weeks. If you want to be notified, send us an email and we'll tell you when it's ready.

Who are you?

I'm Carlos Fenollosa, a computer engineer from Barcelona.

You can contact me at support@feenbox.com.


Does Feenbox support OPML?

Yes, just send the OPML (xml) file as an attachment and the system should parse it and subscribe you to all feeds.

How does Feenbox process images?

For HTML emails, the images are encoded as an email attachment, so you will be able to see them even when offline or if the server is down.

For text emails, images are converted to ASCII art using Drawille, which works great at converting webcomics

Does Feenbox have feed auto discovery?

Yes, you can send a website URL and the system will try to detect the feed URL.

Is UTF8 supported?

The system should fully support UTF8 and emojis.


Is Feenbox secure?

The naive answer is yes, if you trust me, and I am lucky enough not to make any critical security mistakes.

Feenbox's email server uses in transit TLS so the only attack vectors are Feenbox itself and your email server.

The brutally honest answer is that the only way to be certain that your data is not being messed with (by me or anyone) is to install rss2email and an email server on a machine you own. However, since you want to use Feenbox, I assume you are comfortable with the tradeoffs.

Is Feenbox just a cloud installation of rss2email?

No, the codebase is completely different. In fact I built feenbox because rss2email makes it very difficult to handle different users.

Service and payments

How much does Feenbox cost?

We are still in alpha and the pricing is not final. The pricing will be similar to those of similar services. Come back later for more info.

Is there a trial period?

Yes. More details when the alpha is over.

Which payment methods do you support?

We will try to accept any legal payment method available in order to shut up and take your money :-)

Are there ads?

Feenbox does not serve ads.

If your feeds contain ads Feenbox will send those. You may create an ad-blocking email filter on your end.

More questions? Contact me